Dallas, TX, USA

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Rene O. Gomez


Freelance Videographer & Photographer

Hello! If you're reading this, it's because you've either stumbled across my website through Google, a business card, or some other techy way. First things first, my name is Rene Gomez (as you've probably seen already), I'm a freelance videographer & photographer located in the DFW area. Telling stories through video and pictures has been my passion since I got my first camera in 5th grade. In these last two years, I’ve been hired to record local events, make commercials/tutorials for a school district, film/edit training videos for a car dealership, and produce wedding films. If you look around my site, you'll be able to find some examples of my work, and hey! If you're in need of any of the services I provide, feel free to contact me! I look forward to helping you tell your next story.





My most ambitious short film thus far! Just Once tells the story of brothers, Arthur and Rafael, who decide to rob a local diner after feeling pressured to acquire a large sum of money in a short amount of time.